urban tailgate party

Tailgate San Francisco: Pacific Heights

The tailgate party. I've never been to one but it seems like they're done right except for one thing. Parking lots. Cars are meant to take us places not parking spaces. They can take us places that are not easy to get to and places we want to be. The other day I decided to have my own day tailgate party with my friend Emily and her truck. It was more like a picnic but the spirit was there. The destination was Pacific Heights. It proved to be a great spot for this afternoon lunch. It's beautiful and usually inaccessible. Unless your wealthy enough to live there or have a car. 

For food we got takeout from 4505's BBQ joint on Divis. They do a solid menu for the urban tailgater. It's hearty as well as plentiful. I found pleasure in the brisket the most. It's soft, succulent and flavorful. I paired them with some pickled cherries i made last month. We got crispy mac n cheese too. It's intense. Get beer. It always feels good to drink a cold one in the street for some reason. Good food. Good views.

Enjoy San Francisco everywhere with food.