Hoshigaki Part 2



They're ready.

It's been a few months since I first hung the persimmons and about 6 weeks ago I started enjoying them. Almost every weekend I have them with toast, butter, oatmeal, whatever I can add them to. They really are persimmons no more. They've taken on a whole new look. Dark and dense. They're own powdery sweet sugars coat them perfectly from drying in the sun. 

San Francisco weather is too wet to hang them outside. Fog, rain mess up the drying process. So soon after first hanging them I brought them inside.  It was 2 days  that had passed when I hung them in my west facing kitchen window. They still get all the sun without the weather issues 

Also, alcohol helped with mold. I didn't tell you, but in my last post that I a few persimmons fell while i tried to hang  them up. There was some bruising and pulp exposure. I decided to rinse them in bowl of vodka. Then I hung them up making sure that wouldn't fall again. No mold grew. 

Massaging them on the regular helped too. It helps keep them drying evenly throughout the fruit. Here's some photo's of the finished product.