Early Girl Tomato Confit with a peppery green salad

This is by far my favorite summertime recipe for Early Girl tomatoes. this recipe for poaching them in olive oil concentrates their sweet flavor and preserves it.


Butter-Braised Belgian Endive with Thyme and Lemon

Super satisfying side dish for roast chicken, fish or by itself with shaved cheese and chopped almonds.. Recipe coming

Crispy Chicken Legs with Zante Grape Panzanella

Crunchy, chewy, herby, spicy and sweet. This bread salad has it all for you pops with clusters of roasty sweet Zante grapes and spicy whole grain mustard that act as a bed for crisp-skinned chicken legs.

Blistered Padrón Peppers en Escabeche

The best marinated peppers. Packing heat, sweet, brightness, a little smokiness and crunch. They’re the perfect compliment to to steak, pan-seared fish or taco.

Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

Slow roasting tomatoes like these heirloom Early Girls turns them into concentrated and jammy flavor bombs.

Avocado and Nopal Salad with Preserved Citrus

This is one of those striking and architectural salads that impresses your friends at the dinner table, but is, in fact, really easy to make. . Recipe coming soon.


Summer Melon and Tomatillo salad

Melon in a fruit cup sure. Melon and prosciutto yes. But, beyond our stereotypical melon eating habits this one is fresh with tangy tomatillos and spicy peppers. You’ll love it.