I first learned about good food and the joy of sharing it with others as a youngin’ in my parents’ Sonoma Valley restaurant. Now, those memories drive me to share my passions for all things food and drink. 

I’ve studied culinary and hospitality practices in California, New York City, Paris, and Mexico City. Also, i’ve had the honor of serving as Co-Chair for the Good Food Awards for the past 5 years. Right now I hold the title of Sous Chef at Zuni Cafe, the iconic restaurant in San Francisco dedicated to serving the best local ingredients. When i’m not cooking at Zuni, I’m a freelance recipe developer, working on skateboard skills, and dreaming of adopting a puppy with my husband.

Instagram: @christianreynoso

Other stuff he does

Food Media Lab, 2019

Panel Member, California Olive Oil Council

Co-Chair,  Good Food Awards 2015-2019